Robin M Kirschner is a Clinical Educator, Ex- Dean at Chamberlain University,HonorHealth, Phoenix, AZ,United States

Robin M Kirschner

Clinical Educator, Ex- Dean at Chamberlain University

Organizing Committee Member

United States

HonorHealth, Phoenix, AZ


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DNP, Doctor of Nursing Practice (2015)

Touro University, Henderson, NV Clinical Evidence-based Project: Non-Sexual Communicable Disease Education Effects Knowledge of Nurses EdD, ADMINISTRATIVE / LEADERSHIP (2008) Argosy University, Phoenix, AZ.

  Dissertation:  A Comparison of the Effect of two Education Strategies on National NursingExaminations: A Quantitative Study, GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE LEADERSHIP: CERTIFICATE OF DOCTORAL WORK  COMPLETION Vanderbilt University, Peabody College of Education, Nashville, TN




B.S.N., NURSING (Junior Class & Student Body President) University of Oregon, Portland, OR (NEA-BC) Nurse Executive Advanced – Board Certified, 2014 – Current (expires: 8.11.2024)


(CNE) Certified Nursing Educator, 2014 – Current (expires: 12.31.2024)


(CNL) Clinical Nurse Leader, 2020Current (expires: 2025)


(CRA) Certified Radiology Administrator, 2010 - 2016


Nitrous Oxide Administration – RN, 2008 – Current

Previous certifications include Certified Nursing Administrator, Certified Critical Care Nurse, Basic Life Support Instructor, Certified Diabetic Educator, Certified Medical-Surgical Nurse, Certified Post Anesthesia Nurse, Certified Radiology Nurse, Certified Chemotherapy & Biotherapy Nurse, and Advanced Life Support Instructor.


Honors & Awards:

Linda Strangio Editor’s Award sponsored by Association for Radiological & Imaging Nursing (2009)

Radiology Nurse of the Year Nominee sponsored by American Radiological Nurses Association (2008, 2009)


Radiology Nurse of the Year sponsored by Association for Radiological & Imaging Nursing (2010)

Circle of Excellence Nominee sponsored by American Association of Critical Care Nurses (2008)

Nurse of the Year Nominee sponsored by Nursing Spectrum (2008, 2009). Regional Finalist, 2009. Regional Finalist, 2010

Nurse of the Year Award Winner sponsored by NurseWeek (2010). Category: Management

Advanced Leadership Program - Cohort 2 – Banner Health (2009).

Nurse of the Year Nominee – Leadership sponsored by March of Dimes (2008, 2009)

AHRA Award for Excellence Nominee sponsored by American Healthcare Radiology Administrators, 2013

Sigma Theta Tau – Phi Pi Chapter – Faculty Initiate 2013

Nurse of the Year Nominee for Education sponsored by March of Dimes (2014, 2015).

NLN Workforce Development Award Nominee sponsored by the National League for Nursing (2014)

Jessie Scott Award Nominee - 2015

AACN LANP Leadership Academy July 2016 – July 2017

Adda Alexander Leadership in Action Award sponsored by Arizona Organization for Nurse Executives & Arizona Action Coalition (2016)

Nurse of the Year Nominee – Education sponsored by March of Dimes (2017)



Clinical Educator – Network *(Six acute care facilities, multiple satellite surgery centers & clinics)

 *Originally hired to implement the CNL within the network; organizational plans changed.


Endoscopy services, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, & Interventional Radiology Developed three-year plan for onboarding, orientation, clinical academy and professional academy Onboarding & orientation pilot – In progress – Interventional Radiology – Osborn Campus Collaborative processes on decision-making for three-year plan under review for discussion.


  Supports and develops staff within the facility/entity, including preceptors, new graduates and experienced clinicians, while acting as role model for proficient clinical practice and applications, patient safety and evidence-based practice. Supports an environment and infrastructure that promotes professional growth by serving as an education resource for clinical policy and procedures, standards of care and external agency requirements. Provides clinical leadership, establishing visibility and credibility.


  Serves as a change agent and leader in the interpretation, implementation and evaluation of educational programs as related to the goals and initiatives of the organization. Participates in facility/entity, regional, and system development to ensure the standardization and consistent application of on-boarding and educational programs, which may include the preceptor program, clinical academies and clinical application implementations. Utilizes performance measures and workforce needs to drive education plans and learning strategies on a facility/entity level. Develops and implements strategic workforce learning and development services to support the achievement of workforce goals, quality initiatives and clinical practice.


  Assures seamless orientation of new hires and/or transferring clinical staff by overseeing the orientation process from classroom to clinical area. Assesses, plans, implements, coordinates and facilitates on-boarding and ongoing clinical-related competencies. Assisting with ensuring clinical staff have access to requisite clinical and educational programs.


  Assesses, plans, develops and delivers clinical curriculum, educational materials and developmental programs and services on a department, facility/entity, regional or system level (shared services) related to staff needs and quality and safety drivers. Incorporate evidence-based practice into all training and educational programs. Delivers learning opportunities that includes related materials for clinical and technical education while utilizing adult learning principles to deliver standardized content and materials. Facilitates learning utilizing multiple modalities appropriate to the content and the learner by adopting innovation and embracing technology to deliver on learning needs and accomplish learning goals. If/when functioning as a Nurse Planner: Responsible for all aspects of the development, implementation, evaluation, record keeping, and quality of continuing education activities reviewed. Ensures all education providing continuing nursing education hours adheres to the American Nurses Credential Center (ANCC) Accreditation Program criteria and is consistent with the operational standards of a Provider Unit.


  Evaluates learning effectiveness through perceptual feedback tools, knowledge-based testing and skills assessment. Evaluates and modifies educational opportunities, as needed. Coordinates and communicates feedback from trainees to ensure training needs are met, including establishing an effective classroom environment. Tracks and follows up on the results of evaluations and provides feedback to leadership and suggests opportunities to enhance training/learning or knowledge-based programs. Coordinates, communicates, and incorporates feedback from trainees to ensure training needs are met to drive outcomes both short and long term. Establishes an effective classroom environment. Tracks and follows up on the results of evaluations. Provides feedback to leadership and suggests opportunities to enhance training/learning or knowledge-based programs and expected behavior change. Tracks and/or maintains education enrollment, attendance and completion.


  Participates in unit, facility/entity or system committees and teams in an educational capacity. Participates on committees and teams that research activities regarding new clinical and technical educational programs to increase quality and standards of care for the assigned facility/entity, region and/or system. Collaborates to support facility/ entity or system teams to implement the educational components of new practice initiatives and evidence-based practice.


Chamberlain College of Nursing, Downers Grove, IL 1/2011-10/2019 

Dean, (National) MSN Specialty & Accelerated Tracks - October 2014 – October 2019

 Reports to Sr. Vice President for Chamberlain University



 Reports to Dean, Specialty Tracks


 Reports to Faculty Manager


Launch of vision for “learning” focus in all courses; crescendo from first week to last; academic integrity focus as one part of the evaluation, not the determining factor for course credit Pilots in progress in NR500, NR501, & NR505 – Preliminary data shows greater student satisfaction &higher persistence; evaluations determine learning

Redevelopment of MSN Curriculum with Person-Centered application focus (McCormack & McCance)

Development of project management capstone for MSN degree in all tracks; Alignment of project from mid-curriculum

Creation flexible competency-based continuing education & application to academic credit within content modules within traditional curriculum model 2017-current

Developed Concluding Graduate Experience: Academic rigor & Clinical partner problem solving/improvement Projects (use of partner strategic plan for problem identification & EBP solution)

Developed new student-centric course framework (Best Course Ever/Sky’s the Limit); Education Track launch

March 2019 (CCNE notification)

Development of three certificate programs designed for post-baccalaureate & post-master’s: Healthcare Policy, Nursing Leadership & Leadership Foundations - 2017-2018 (IBHE & HLC presentation)

Creation, development, initiation of faculty guiding/advising/mentoring within each MSN track; Student engagement & Retention/Persistence improvement

Development of processes to allow BSN degree conferral within RNBSN to MSN program – 2017 (IBHE presentation)

Development RNMSN (without BSN conferral) – 2016 – current (Start to teach in Jan.2020)

Redirection of MSN Curriculum to Person-centered Focus – 2015 - 2017

Competency-based RNMSN Curriculum design, development & facilitator – 2015- 2018

Course development 2018-current / First teach July 2019

Redevelopment of MSN Specialty Track Curriculum - Focus on preparation of Clinical Partner-ready graduate –ongoing

Development & implementation of the Course Leader Role for subject matter experts

Establishment of a MSN Specialty Track Strategic Plan; ongoing, follow through & updates related to metrics

Improvement in new student orientation & new faculty orientation; annual evaluation & adjustments including establishment of Master Instructor for focus of SMEs on education best practices

Development of system process for Visiting Professor evaluation, process improvement, & mentoring; on-boarding of Faculty; Established year-long mentoring with key personnel interactions & teaching improvement

Collaboration for development MPH and Health Administration programs in College of Health Sciences

MSN representative on national clinical advisory board committee; specific partner focus—Cleveland Clinic, Stanford University Medical Centers & Veterans Administration

Collaboration team on Adjustment & Update of DNP curriculum with alignment across nursing programs


IN PROCESS as of November 1:  Micro-credentialing; Online BSN program; Continuing Education Provider; Establishment of Scholar & Research Center; Re-definition & Application of Competency within Traditional Curriculum; Population Health Track (teach in November); Adjustment of MSN assignments & student learning assessment – less writing intensive.


Practicum Courses – DNP Project Completion 2015 – 2019

SME Educator Track – MSN Online – Advanced Pathophysiology, Health Assessment & Pharmacology for Nurse

Educators – 2014 – 2016; Faculty 2013-2019

SME Executive Track – MSN Online – September 2013 – 2014; Faculty 2015-2019

SME Healthcare Policy Track – MSN Online – Oct 2012 – September 2013; Faculty 2013-2019

Development of NR 554 Nurse Leader & Healthcare Policy; NR 521 Theoretical Foundations of Teaching & Learning (re-development); NR 534 Healthcare Systems Management

 SME Course Specific – NR 650 Healthcare Policy Practicum, NR 552 Economics in Healthcare Policy & NR553         Global Health; NR504 Leadership and Nursing Practice; NR 521 Theoretical Foundations of Teaching &             Learning; NR506 Health Care Policy; NR532 Healthcare Operational Planning & Management


Chairman, Program Accreditation MSN Specialty Tracks – CCNE – 2014-2015; 2017-2018 Chairman, NLN MSN & DNP Accreditation Evaluation Committee (for change in accreditation)

Development of HLC and Illinois BHE applications for Accelerated RNMSN (not BSN) and Accelerated MSN Development of MSN component for TN BON application for program delivery

Committee Chairman: Academic Integrity Committee & Curriculum Revision Committee 2011-2016

Committee Member: Library Committee, Problem-based learning committee, Practicum Task Force, Graduate  

Curriculum Committee, Virtual Learning Research Committee, Sigma Theta Tau MSN Chp. Representative, Evaluation Task Force for Development of 3 Ps course, Task Force on Rubric Evaluation


Other Associated Activities:

NLN accreditation site visitor (2016 – current)

Quality Matters Online Course Evaluation Training, 2013

Doctoral (EdD) Committee Member –Content Expert for student at Argosy University, Phoenix, AZ  2010- 2012

Doctoral (EdD) Committee Member – Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ 2014 – 2017

Doctoral (DNP) Committee Member – Touro University (two students), Henderson, NV, 2015-2017

Doctoral (DNP) Committee Member – Touro University, Henderson, NV, 2017 - 2019

Doctoral (DNP) Committee Member – American Sentinel University, Aurora, CO, 2016-2018; 2017 - 2019


Brookline College of Nursing, Phoenix, AZ                                                                               2011-2014


Professor of Nursing; Curriculum Coordinator & Accreditation Specialist 

  (Initially full-time to part-time)


Development of Online BSN, RNBSN and MSN programs

Co-Chairman of NLNAC Nursing accreditation and CCNE Nursing accreditation

SME Course Specific:  All RNBSN coursework; All MSN coursework – Education & Leadership

Undergraduate ground courses: Ethics, Community, Pharmacology, Senior Capstone, Adult Health I & II


Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ                                                                   (Full-time)  1999 - 2001

                                                                                                                                                      (Part-time)    2009 - 2012



   Recruited to evaluate and direct instructional process change for entry level program specific nursing students.  Authored reaccreditation of the Arizona State Board of Nursing nursing assistant certification program. Enriched course content through application of local and regional health care issues, adjusted content presentation to facilitate learning in each learning style (tactile,auditory, and visual) and was instrumental in department process improvements.


   ▪ Served as the visionary behind the plan to mandate course content presentation to meet student needs by learning style.


   ▪ Teamed with colleagues across the campus to initiate committee to improve technology campus wide. Platform decision maker foronline education – Angel.


   ▪ Planned, developed and implemented a communication process between the college and local clinical resource sites leading to a clear method for each to share successes and concerns.


   ▪ Level one lead faculty on writing the CCNE initial accreditation presentation moving the school from NLN accreditation to AACN accreditation of baccalaureate programs


   ▪2009 – Full time adjunct faculty: Fall 2009 – 12 credits; Spring 2010 – 19 credits; Summer 2010 – 8 credits; Fall 2010 -16 credits

    Undergraduate & Graduate course work; Spring 2011-19 credits; Summer 2011 – 9 credits – Course list provided upon request.


   ▪Mentor / Facilitator – Evidence Based Practice Proposals/Projects (~50 proposals) – List of proposals provided upon request.



Banner Desert Medical Center / Cardon Children’s Medical Center, Mesa, AZ                                  2002 –2011




Operations ▪ Process, System & Quality Improvements ▪ Customer Service ▪ Profit/Loss / Budgeting Business Development ▪ Quality Assurance & Continuing Education ▪ Employee Professional Practice Hired based on proven ability to manage and lead change within a failing organizational group toward clinical and professional practice for angiography, ultrasound, imaging nursing services and outpatient treatment and infusion center.  Day-to-day operations, strategic planning of new service lines, technology, budgeting (supplies, equipment, & staff), quality assurance, employee education and competency, cost management / revenue enhancement and regulatory compliance.  Responsible for a total of 55 employees; oversee 5 direct reports; including 3 supervisors, a radiology practitioner assistant and imaging quality specialist.

    ▪  Initiated professional practice model with an evidence based practice focus leading to all staff membership in a national  professional organization, all staff completed or studying for certification or registries, individual staff and group speaking at local and national conferences as well as publication in referred journals and texts.


    ▪  Planned, developed and implemented clinical research model leading to staff presentations at the Annual Evidenced Based Practice conference in 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010.


    ▪  Planned, developed and implemented RN role of Patient Care Liaison to interphase with all oncology imaging patients from  diagnosis to end of life care within the department, facility, and community.  Resulted in increasing imaging patient satisfaction and experience scores from mid-80s percent to consistently over 95 percent.


    ▪  Planned, developed and implemented concept of RN role for Procedure Review to complete all health profiles, prehospital procedure education, collaborate with modality supervisors and interventional radiologists related to appropriateness of planned outpatient visit.  Resulted in decreasing procedural cancellations by 52% thereby increasing revenue with completed procedures.


    ▪  Planned and facilitated action research project engaging all RN staff to improve workflow.  Resulted in increasing all staff minimum skills set through cross training and competency validation with improved intra-professional communication, attitude and teamwork.


    ▪  Identified, planned, and developed RN administered nitrous oxide oxygen for pediatric procedural patients.  Involved placing a staff member on the Arizona State Board of Nursing Scope of Practice Committee to establish a practice advisory allowing RNs administer nitrous oxide oxygen.  Co-chairman of the facility implementation team.  Implementation in April 2011 at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center.


    ▪  Selected for and completed Banner Health Advanced Leadership program with special project related to system initiative for evaluation and improvement of the overall corporate culture.


   ▪   Multiple hospital and corporate committees including System Policy Overview Team, ATU/OTC System Team, Central Line Committee, Family Centered Care Committee, Conscious Sedation Team, etc./ Level 1 Change Agent


  ▪  All departments consistently maintained within Banner productivity standards within all budgets



Maricopa Community Colleges / Mesa & Scottsdale Campuses, Tempe, AZ                       2001 - 2004




   Selected to oversee the development of innovative teaching processes to drive district initiatives at the campus level to promote student success and retention. Served as a key operational strategist in introducing and implementing problem based learning within the Block one core theory course and human pathophysiology course.  Served as the college representative to the district office on the curriculum mapping committee.  Block leader for NLN reaccreditation task force.  Multiple college interdisciplinary committees most noteworthy include technology implementation in the classroom, pilot for hybrid classroom-internet course work and library services.


    ▪ Introduced, mentored, developed and implemented problem based human pathophysiology course content.  Resulting in increase in content retention two semesters after content presentation as measured by the HESI  E2 examination.


    ▪ Planned, developed and implemented problem based learning in the Block one core content theory course.  Ex post facto research demonstrated statistically significant difference in those students in problem based learning on the HESI mid-curricular exam used to determine student promotability to the second year course work.


    ▪ Active participant in formulating and evaluating online introductory to health care courses offered throughout the district by multiple colleges.


Concurrently employed at Banner Desert Medical Center in a staff nurse role assigned to PACU and Imaging nursing services.


Howard Community College, Columbia, MD                                                                           1997 - 1999




   Promoted from hospital based clinical instructor to full faculty position to evaluate and present process change options to improve integration of skills laboratory with course content within the integrated curriculum.  Collaboratively worked with local healthcare leaders to obtain equipment for the college and to establish hospital based learning centers for students. 


    ▪ Developed two options to align skills laboratory course work with classroom lecture content to more meaningfully present materials to students.  Resulted in clinical faculty and students reporting improved preparedness for clinical site education.


   ▪  Collaborative role in NLN reaccreditation self-study.  


 Concurrently employed at Montgomery General Hospital, Olney Maryland, in the CNS role assigned to the PACU.


St. Francis Hospital – West, Ewa Beach, HI                                                                            1994 – 1997




     Hired to provide staff mentoring, initiate practice level competency and role model excellent patient care and critical thinking skills; student clinical site faculty.  Planned, developed and initiated facility wide sedation policy, competency & education.


Early career success in progressive management from head nurse of a 24-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit advancing to Women’s & Pediatric Care Program Supervisor at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia Pennsylvania followed by Administrator for Nursing aka Chief Nursing Officer at Rolling Hill Hospital & Medical Center in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania.  Part time and full time faculty positions at Philadelphia Community College, Thomas Jefferson University (Diploma & Baccalaureate) and University of Pennsylvania (Masters adjunct).  Direct patient care delivery in open heart intensive care, cardiac catheterization laboratory, general operating room (circulator), neonatal intensive care, post anesthesia care unit, general older medical pediatrics and general surgical intensive care unit.


American Association of Critical Care Nurses, 2007 – 2015

American College of Healthcare Executives, 2014 - 2019

American Healthcare Radiology Administrators, 2007 – 2016

  • RAAC Commission Nominee
  • Board of Director Nominee

*American Nurses Association

  • National Committee for the development of a Perinatal Nurse Certification Examination, 1980
  • Alternate Convention Delegate for the State of Pennsylvania, 1981
  • Nurse’s Association of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 1974 –1980

         Arizona Chapter 30

  • Vice-president (2015 -2017)
  • Candidate for national ANA President (2018)


*American Organization of Nurse Executives (national & Arizona Chp), 2010 – current

  • Board Member (2016 – 2018)

Association for Radiologic and Imaging Nurses,(formerly ARNA) 2004 – 2014

  • Orientation Committee
  • Manager Role Function Development
  • Core Curriculum Committee
  • Master Educator for two day course – Radiology Nursing
  • Evidence Based Practice Committee – Chairman
  • Nominating Committee
  • Journal of Radiology – Editorial Board – 2010 -2014.

American Society of Post Anesthesia Nurses, 1993 – 2013.

                Education Approval Committee, 1993 –1995

Arizona State Board of Nursing, Scope of Practice Committee, 2009 – 2011; 2011 – 2013; 2015-2017

*National League for Nursing, 2000 to current.

New York University Alumni Association, New York, NY

Peer Reviewer: Dove Press 2010 to current

Sentinel Reader, Evidence Based Nursing, McMaster University, Canada 2010 – 2014

Sigma Theta Tau, Phi Pi Chapter

  • MSN faculty representative, 2013 - 2015

University of Oregon Student Nurses Association, Portland, OR

                Student Body President

                Junior Class President

Upcoming Conferences