Rama Zilber is a Acting Director of the Survey and Research Unit,Nursing Division Israel Ministry of Health. ,Israel

Rama Zilber

Acting Director of the Survey and Research Unit

Organizing Committee Member


Nursing Division Israel Ministry of Health.




2012: "Analysis of health-related quality of life in children with immune thrombocytopenia and their parents using the kids' ITP tools."  R. Zilber, A. P. Bortz, J. Yacobovich, I. Yaniv & H. Tamary. Journal of Pediatric Hematological Oncology, 34, 1: 2-5.


2012: "Suicides attempts among teenagers attending children's tertiary medical center." L. Zabielsky, R. Zilber, A. Peles-Bortz, R. Halevy. The Israeli Nurse, January 80:  10-14 (Herbrew). 


2010: Frequency and natural history of inherited bone marrow failure syndromes: the Israeli Inherited Bone Marrow Failure Registry. Tamary H, Nishri D, Zilber R Yacobovich J, Aviner S, Stepensky P, Ravel-Vilk S, Bitan M, Kaplinsky C,Ben Barak A, Elhasid R, Kapelusnik J, Koren A, Levin C, Attias D, Laor R, Yaniv IRosenberg PS. Haematologica 95(8):1300-7.


2007: "Young Adult Thalassemic patient: transition from pediatric to adult care".

 R. Zilber, A.Peles. The Israeli Nurse ", November 2007. (Hebrew).


2007; "Socio Demographic factor affecting iron defieciency anemia in children" R.Ziber, M.Kaieri, G.Bar-Mor,I.Yaniv,H.Tamary.The Isreli Oncology Nursing Society Paper, april(1) 2007.


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2005: serum ferritin level as a predictor of impaired growth and puberty in thalassemia major patients: shlomit shalitin, Doron Carmi, Moshe Phillip,Liora Kornreich, Rama Zilber, Issac Yaniv, Hannah Tamary. European Journal of Haematology, 74(2) 93-100.


2004: Central venous line thrombosis in children and young adults with thalassemia major; Yaron Finkelstein, Isaac Yaniv , Michael Berant, Rama Zilber ,Ben-Zion Garty, Orit Epstein, Judith Lahav, Hannah Tamary. Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, 21: 375–381, 2004.



 2000:"Comprehensive nursing aspects in the treatment of Beta-Thalassemia in Patients and Their families" R.Zilber, I.Buchvold. The Israeli Nurse,161, 35- 


1996: All there is to know about Beta-Thalassemia, Schneider Medical Centre for Pediatric Medicine, Israel.






2018-to 2019- Certification studies: Psychiatry of infant, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel- Aviv University.

2011- 2017. PhD, student, School of Graduate Studies, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel- Aviv University.

2000-2005: MA, Department of Nursing at Tel-Aviv University. Research Thesis: "Self-care, compliance and Quality of life among young Arabs' Thalassemic patients"           

1997: B.A. Department of Nursing at Tel-Aviv University.

1989-1992: Registered Nurse Diploma: School of Nursing at Hasahron medical center.


Active Participation in Professional Conferences:


2019: Poster presentation :" Tying the wires"- constructing a collaboration model and a sequence of therapy between the staff and girls who are take refuge in the hostel "Another Place" for the professional staff at the "Children's Health Center" Dizengoff, "District quality work Conference, services General health, Tel Aviv-Yafo district


2019: Poster presentation – "Improving the patient's experience by using the of the Q-FLOW software," Provincial quality work conference, Clalit Health Services, Tel Aviv-Yafo district.


2019: Oral presentation – "Acceptance and accompaniment of a new family in the child's Health Center", a seminar for children's nurses in the community, general health services, Tel Aviv Yafo district


2015: Oral presentation at the "Reforming a new path" conference, Ben-Gurion airport, Conference Centre, Israel.


2012: Oral presentation (case study presentation) at the "End of the Loneliness Illness Era" Conference, Haifa University.


2009: Transition of young adults suffering from chronic illness to care from pediatric to adults clinics. Oral presentation in the 16th national Israeli nurses' conference.


2008: Oral presentation in the Annual conference of the Israel society for clinical pediatric, "young adult thalassemia patients- the transition from pediatric to adult care"


2008: Poster presentation in the APHON (American Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Nurses): "young adult thalassemia patients- the transition from pediatric to adult care".


2007: Oral Presentation in the Israel Oncology Nursing Conference, "Factor affect onset, treatment and compliance of iron deficiency anemia among children and adolescent".


2005: Poster presentation American Thalassemic Assn. Conference, Washington,DC. With H.Tamary and J.Yakubovitch."Post splenectomy complication in thalassemia patients"


2003: Poster presentation in theInternational Thalassemia Assn.Conference; Palermo:  "Self-Care, Compliance and Quality of Life in Young Israeli-Arab Thalassemic Patients".


2000: Oral presentation in the National Conference of the Israeli Hematological and Blood Transfusion Association:"Clinical management of Beta-Thalassemia" .


1996: Oral presentation in Home-Care Development and Innovations, International Conference, Jerusalem, 13-15, May "long Term Infra Venous of Deferoxamine Home Treatment for Non Compliance Transfusion Dependent Beta-Thalassemia Patient"



Professional Experience:

2019- To date – Acting Director of the Survey and Research Unit, Nursing Division Israel Ministry of Health.

2017-to 2019– Head Nurse at the "Dizingof's Child Health Center", Clalit Health services, Tel-Aviv.

2013 to date- Academic guidance at the research seminar, Department of Nursing at Tel-Aviv University.

2012 to 2017– Case management of multiple chronic illness patients in "Guided Care" project – Clalit health services, Tel-Aviv.

2007 to 2012– In charge of professional development and research in nursing, nursing management, Schneider Medical Center for pediatric medicine.

1998 to 2007: Head Nurse of Hematological Unit, Schneider Medical Centre for Pediatric - Medicine, Petach Tiqva

1998 -2013: In charge of Clinical Nursing seminar: The Chronic Patient in Life Circle, Tel-Aviv University, Health Professionals School, Department of Nursing.

1997- 2013. Assistant teacher, Clinical Seminar, coordinator in Edith Wolfson Nursing School, Tel Aviv University.

2013 to date. Guide, Research Seminar, Edith Wolfson Nursing School, Tel-Aviv University.

1997 – 1998: Instructing Nurse, Internal Medicine Dept. A, Wolfson Medical Centre, Holon; Tel-Aviv University Nursing School - Academic teacher.

1992-1996   : Certified Nurse, Haemato-Oncological outpatient clinic, Schneider Medical -Center for Pediatric Medicine, Petach-Tiqva, Israel.

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