Megan Kirschner is a  Professor ,Chamberlain College of Nursing ,United States

Megan Kirschner


Organizing Committee Member

United States

Chamberlain College of Nursing


Carter, B., Kirschner, R., & Kirschner, M. (2020). Peripheral IV compromise: Dwell time, contrast media & other intermittent vesicant infusions, and nursing practice. [Quantitative Research Study].  Journal of Radiology Nursing.  (For publication in March 2020 edition).


Kirschner, M. & Kirschner, R. (2019). Hand massage reduces perceived stress, anxiety and fatigue. International Journal of Innovative Studies in Medical Sciences, 3(4).


Kirschner, M. (20--). Student nurses in clinical setting. Arizona Nurse.

     Under review.


Kirschner, M. (20--). Overcoming barriers for an evidence-based process improvement project.

     Under review:  Nursing 2019.




Touro University, Henderson, NV                                            

Doctor of Nursing Practice                                                                               March 2019

 Scholarly Project:  Early Recognition of Declining Residents in a Long-term Care Facility                                                   


Chamberlain College of Nursing, Downers Grove, IL                   Nov. 2015 – Oct. 2017

Master’s Degree in Nursing -Education Focus

Member: Academic Standards Committee - Student Member            2015 – 2017

Member: Graduate Curriculum Committee -Student Member           2015 - 2016

Member: Sigma Theta Tau – Pi Phi Chapter                                      2015 – Current


Post-Graduate Certificate in Nursing Informatics                                      In process       2020


Chamberlain College of Nursing, Downers Grove, IL                    July 2014 Nov. 2015

Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing


Gateway Community College, Phoenix, AZ                                                                  May 2014

Associate Degree in Nursing



● Daisy Award recipient:  Banner Health                                               Nov. 2016

● Online MSN Practicum Residency Program (Chamberlain CON)               July  2017


●Professor of the Year (nomination; Mesa Comm. College)                                  





Chamberlain College of Nursing –                                                         November 2017-Current

Online Faculty – Visiting Professor & Course Re-development


NR447 Collaborative Health (leadership)


NR621 & NR622 Education Concluding Graduate Experience

NR631 & NR632 Executive Concluding Graduate Experience

NR630 Nurse Executive Practicum

NR660 MSN Capstone

     *Course Evaluations: Exemplary


Maricopa Community Colleges District                                                    August 2017 – Current

Nursing Faculty – Assignments to one of 10 Colleges

(See below for individual college assignments)

  • Implements the College's philosophy, curriculum, program outcomes, and course objectives through teaching, and service to the College, community, health system and profession.
  • Assumes responsibility for all autonomous aspects of individual teaching loads.
  • Plans clinical, laboratory, and simulation experiences for and provides direct supervision and evaluation of nursing students delivering nursing care to an individual or group of individuals.
  • Makes self-available to staff at the agencies.
  • Evaluates and provides documented feedback to student on level of performance based on course objectives.
  • Is available for remediation of students as required or needed.
  • Orients and maintains current knowledge related to agency/clinical policies, procedures, and expectations with the assistance of the agency/clinical personnel.
  • Develops and posts written clinical, laboratory, and simulation assignments consistent with student's knowledge base, skill competency and individual learning needs.
  • Corrects and returns homework, quizzes, tests, lab assignments, clinical paperwork and other written work in a timely manner.
  • Contributes to the ongoing development, implementation, and evaluation of the programs and the College.
  • Teaches didactic, laboratory, and simulation course content under supervision of course coordinator.
  • Keeps course coordinator informed of all student and agency issues and concerns.
  • Works with college administration, staff and other faculty members to improve the overall operation of the college and student satisfaction rates.
  • Participates in the implementation of the College Assessment Program, campus retention efforts, and both departmental and campus policies.
  • Serves as a professional role model for other faculty, staff, and students in the areas of customer service, collaboration, communication, excellence, dress, attendance, and general professionalism.
  • Utilizes relationship skills in situations requiring group problem solving, consensus building, and win-win negotiation.
  • Complies with all applicable regulatory rules and standards.

Mesa Community College, Mesa, AZ                                                        January 2018 - Current

Clinical and Laboratory Adjunct Faculty

Clinical instructor for Block 1 and Block 2.  Laboratory, Clinical & Didactic.


Chandler-Gilbert Community College, Gilbert, AZ                                 July 2018 – January 2019

Didactic and Simulation Adjunct Faculty

Block 1 and Block 2.


Estrella Community College, Avondale, AZ                                 August 2017- September 2018

Clinical, Didactic (Lab), and Simulation Adjunct Faculty

Content areas of expertise include: Med/Surg, Fundamentals, and Critical Care. Developed blood

draw activity for Block 3. Simulation Laboratory & Clinical instruction for Block 1 and Block 4.



Brookline College of Nursing, Phoenix, AZ                                               May 2016 – July 2018

Clinical Simulation Faculty to Adjunct Faculty Fall ’17 – Simulation Lab Specialist

(Faculty Instructor Rank)

Provides creation, preparation, completion and debriefing of clinical and leadership simulation

for the following courses: Fundamentals of Nursing, Adult Health I & II, and Concept Synthesis.

Responsible to work collaborative with simulation team to evaluate learning outcomes based

on simulated scenarios. Initiated charting exercise related to narrative notes.

Key Job Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate lab resources, including human patient simulation equipment and supplies.
  • Support students and professionals to achieve clinical learning in simulated patient care environment.
  • Create and implement simulated patient care scenarios aligned with course objectives; brief and de-brief of students in simulated scenarios.
  • Prepare and maintain labs and simulated patient care environments with equipment, supplies, media, computers, and materials needed to replicate virtual healthcare setting.
  • Collaborate with faculty to ensure preparation of lab supplies and equipment based on faculty requests and course schedule.
  • Assist in developing and implementing detailed clinically- based scenarios for the computerized simulators; operate and maintain computerized simulation equipment.
  • Coordinate planning and scheduling for students and faculty by ensuring open lab and structured lab utilization times are available and communicated and appropriately resourced.
  • Coordinate and supervise students to ensure that lab experiences meet course objectives; provide individual oversight to students for practice and/or remediation on technical skills as requested by faculty and students.
  • Collaborate on ordering and maintaining inventory of all lab supplies, equipment, furniture, models, AV equipment, and laboratory manuals; recommend purchase of lab equipment and supplies; and maintain a clean, fully equipped nursing skills and simulations lab.
  • Serve as role model for faculty, staff, and students in the areas of customer service, collaboration, communication, excellence, attendance, and general professionalism.

Banner Health Registry Services, Mesa, AZ                                             May 2017 – Current

Medical-Surgical & Telemetry Service Lines

Direct patient care; acute, chronic & long-term care facilities. Variety of acute care facilities in the greater Phoenix, AZ area.


Banner Health University Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ                      May 2014 –May 2017

Oncology & Telemetry Service Lines

Direct patient care. Responsible to provide compassionate care, advocate for patients and  

families, and implement evidence-based care. Inter-professional collaboration with other

health care professionals providing patient care and support within the clinical environment.


Member: Recognition Committee

Member: Alternative Care Practices Committee


PI:  Reducing RN Stress through Hand Massage (IRB approved EBP project) 2016


Banner Health (Desert & Good Samaritan), Phoenix, AZ                           May 2007 - 2014

Critical Care & Telemetry Service Lines

Responsible for gathering acute observation of cardiac monitoring and reporting of cardiac rhythm with accurate interpretation; monitoring and reporting of sepsis alert status of patients throughout medical center; and, monitoring and reporting of delirium criteria throughout medical center. Inter-professional collaboration with technologists, nursing staff and physicians.  Alternate patient care companion / sitter.











Sigma Theta Tau International – Pi Phi Chp.                          2016 - Current

American Nurses Association – National & AZ Chp. 30         2015 - Current

International Association for Human Caring                           2015 - Current

Arizona League for Nursing – Constituent of NLN                 2014 - Current


National MS Society

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation

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