Gill Coverdale  is a Professional Lead – Education ,Royal College of Nursing,UK

Gill Coverdale

Professional Lead – Education

Organizing Committee Member


Royal College of Nursing


I have over 35 years’ experience in health, education, research and regulation. My clinical career commenced in 1983 and included nursing and midwifery in hospital, community and primary care settings. My academic career started in 2000 as Senior lecturer/programme manager for Specialist Community Public Health Nursing, advanced practice, primary care and public health; managing and developing programmes, curricula, modules and engaging learning and teaching in various formats including online, seminar and face to face. My research and development interests lie in health promotion, public health, specialist and advanced practice, and child and adolescent health well-being both in the UK and internationally. I have experience in advising the UK, European, Albanian, Kuwaiti and Hong Kong governments on the development of health services for children and young people and have also worked with the English Department of Health and the Nursing and Midwifery Council in the development of nurse education programmes. Whilst working for the Nursing and Midwifery regulator I was Education Adviser, reviewing, evaluating, developing and implementing education standards that regulate nursing and midwifery practice in the UK. Research interests include exploring the promotion of emotional and psychological wellbeing in children and young people in the UK. I am Co-editor of the Journal of International Public health, which supports me to maintain my professional specialist interest and development.


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